A Classy Event...Minus the Solo Cups.

What's not to love about a theme party? My Friday night was spent at a 21st birthday party with a roaring 20's theme! It was a great night...and the best part by far were the costumes. All we had to do was throw on some pearls, do a little crafting and we were good to go! Take a look at what we came up with:
(Wearing- A Forever 21 black romper, black belt, Steve Madden heels, Faux Chanel bangle, pearls, and a handmade headband)
The outfit worked great; very 1920's, and the handmade headbands we made were fabulous:
We used store bought elastic headbands, gathered some feathers and rhinestones at the craft store and hot glued them all together. Now off to the thrift store to find a gem for an ugly sweater party! Now those pictures should be interesting!


"I can't spend money on food, but I can on shoes."

Okay, this whole college budget thing isn't going as smoothly as expected. I'm trying to save money but haven't really succeeded...especially today, being that I bought these amazing black heels at T.J. Maxx. But there's a catch- I needed black shoes for a black and white birthday party I'm attending tonight, so they're kind of like a necessity, right? My parents and my bank account might disagree. Anyways, I'm off to decide on an outfit, but here's a shot of my $30 new loves:
Oh, and my bright yellow nail polish will indeed be sticking out of that peep toe. Love it. 


Look of the Week: Channeling my Inner Boho Chic.

Lying in bed with the cold all week, I snuggled up with the September issue of Marie Claire, with the always stylish Ashley Olsen on the cover. She looked flawless; she had a sophisticated, romantic, feminine feel in the spread, and for the Look of the Week, I decided to get inspired from the Olsen twins boho look. I just picked up this great bat wing champagne colored shirt for...get this...$7 at T.J. Maxx. It's super flowy and can be worn so many different ways; with a belt cinched at the waist, off the shoulder as I did today or like an oversized tee. I couldn't decide if the shape would make me look like a crazy bag lady...but for $7 I had to take it home and try it out. Here's a peek at the final look:  
(Wearing: TJ Maxx shirt, Target leggings, Forever 21 boots, assorted bangles and to add an even more bohemian look, added braids to my updo bun)


I think I need this.

$13 from Lulu's. I'm seriously considering buying this ring...who needs money for food when you've got this bad boy?


"I am SO blogging this."

Seriously lacking on the posts lately, I know. But the last week has been spent doing massive amounts of reading (who knew junior year would be so hard?), getting accustomed to cafeteria food again, and not gonna lie, the occasional power hour. I just received a wonderful care package from my sister with the September issue of Marie Claire, and this to die for tank:
You know you love it.
And the best part of my junior year so far? Living with ten girls; more importantly, ten closets. It's like summer camp, only better.