Happy Halloween!

I'll be celebrating tonight in style...I'm dressing up using clothes out of my closet, and what did I come up with? 80's Diva! Hot pink boyfriend blazer, short polka dotted mini dress...should be interesting! Pics up soon...


Geek Chic.

Is October too early to start a Christmas list? I hope not...because I can't get over these shoes from Urban Outfitters, they're definitely at the top of the list! I've been seeing this style shoe everywhere; including in The City where Olivia Palermo rocked them while trekking through Chinatown, Birken bag in hand; I was sold already! Take a look: 
Okay, I might get confused for a professional bowler, or maybe even the captain of the mathletes, but I think these geek chic shoes are quirky and fun...will they be dawning your holiday list this year?


Lazy Sunday.

What's the best way to procrastinate homework on a cold, rainy, Sunday afternoon? With a big fat stack of magazines and some raspberry tea, yum! I recently picked up the latest NYLON magazine, featuring Megan Fox on the cover. Ok, I get it. The girl's hot. But she's got style too...she looks amazing in the spread; very glamour meets grunge, I love the look! Check out some of her looks below:

Okay, back to snuggling...


I Want. I Need.

$27 Forever 21 teal ankle boots with a rounded toe!? If only Christmas was sooner...