Get Connected.

I've watched The Hills religiously and I had always fawned over Lauren Conrad's personalized connector ring, but had never seen this style ring in stores anywhere...until now! Forever 21 has a bunch on their site and for $3, I think I can fit them into my recessionista budget. Take a look at Lauren's signature ring, as well as Forever 21's options below:

What do you think about the connector ring trend?


Look of the Week: Can't get any Brighter.

This past weekend I spent a night visiting a friend at Amherst College, conveniently located just miles from not only an adorable, funky town, but an Urban Outfitters as well. I think I'll be visiting her more frequently after this little find...I'm working on a budget, so after sifting through the overpriced silk tanks, I came across a true gem on the sales rack: a turquoise fitted boyfriend blazer with cuffed sleeve detail. In Love. Rocked this bad boy today with a black tank, skinny jeans, and black and white gingham flats. It'll be great for the holiday season coming up with a skirt and some heels! Now I've really gotta plan an 80's party...take a look!


Look of the Week: Holding onto Fall.

The days just seem to be flying by, and I still haven't come to terms with the fact that it's November, partially because I don't want to transition into the fashion that comes with cold weather. I'm still questioning why I didn't go to school in Hawaii. But, before the snow starts to fall, I'm trying to get creative with my wardrobe and mix it up a bit. I decided to pair black tights under my homemade jean short cutoffs; a look I've been seeing around lately and finally tried it out. Take a look at my holding-onto-fall ensemble:


Halloween Aftermath.

My 80's diva costume didn't end up making it out this Halloween weekend, and I can't help but feel a little guilty for being an extremely unoriginal referee. But hey, maybe next year. Or do I hear a themed party idea!? Anyways, my roommate Julie made a great handmade costume out of a trip to Michael's and Forever 21 and it turned out very cool. Check out the pics below...and in the meantime, I'll be brainstorming for a better costume next year! 

Today just got SO much better.

I just took a much needed homework break and cruised the internet for a few, only to find some fabulous news! What's my second guiltiest pleasure? The first of course being my love for a good fashion bargain...second being a great beauty purchase. Forever 21  has started their own affordable makeup line called Love and Beauty. I'm counting down the days already...