Bring on the romance.

While a large amount of people are probably dreading Valentine's Day, which is only two weeks away, I cannot help but to be inspired by all of the colors the holiday brings! The romantic hues of red and pink are present in my frequently viewed online shopping spots. With the freezing weather here this past week, a little color goes a long way. Check out my favorite affordable Valentine's Day inspired looks:

What are your favorite V-day inspired looks?


All Bundled Up.

I recently came back to school in snowy New Hampshire and while refamiliarizing myself with the college lifestyle, I've had lots of down time to flip through the latest magazines dreaming about Spring! But since I've got a while before I can break out the sundresses, I've gotta bundle up somehow. I've been stumbling across lots of faux fur vests, and much to my surprise, I kind of want one! They look so fun and cozy over jeans with boots for a fashionable winter look. I'm thinking I can make one myself for a DIY project, but for now, check out my favorite celeb faux fur vests:
Rachel Zoe

Kristin Cavallari

Ashley Olsen

Stay tuned for my DIY vest adventure!


Preppy Basics.

One of my closest friends Chris is struggling with an addiction; an addiction to Martin and Osa. This relatively new retail store,owned by American Eagle, is the perfect blend of afordable preppy basics with a classic style. His entire wardrobe is from this company, as seen in the pictures below! Take a look at Chris' favorite seasonal outfits:

His M+0 wardrobe on display

Winter Look

Spring Look

Summer Look

Fall Look- my personal fave!

I've heard a rumor the company is closing down- hope that's not true for Chris' sake!

Geekin' Out.

I had to try it. I just had to. I purchased a $5 pair of tortoise shell readers from Forever 21- that way, if I looked like a total idiot I wouldn't feel guilty about the purchase. These glasses have been everywhere lately! I only got them yesterday, but I still can't decide if I hate them or love them. What's your vote? Will you be rockin' the geek chic inspired glasses?

Lauren Conrad does geek chic.

J. Crew does geek chic.

Britney does geek chic.

Chic for Cheap does geek chic.

Prices on Fire.

My boyfriend will gladly and proudly admit he discovered Kings of Leon before they absolutely blew up. These days, you can't go anywhere without hearing their debut hit, "Sex on Fire." His avid Spin magazine reading paid off when he stumbled upon an article discussing King of Leon's clothing line. The collection comes to the states January 25th- and I can guarantee you I won't be buying my boyfriend anything from this rocker inspired line; SO expensive! Shirts for $150, fedoras for $267, and bandanas for $104? Sorry KOL, this recessionista ain't buyin' it.
I like the clothes, but I'm not blown away; these items are hanging up at Urban Outfitters for a quarter of the price.

Image via Spin


Yogi Chic- Who Knew?

I landed a job this break working as a receptionist at a power yoga studio close by. When I'm not organizing office supplies (my personal fave) or sweeping the freshly laid bamboo floors, I'm eyeing up all of the adorable yoga clothes we have for sale. I have come to find out that the modern yogi is no longer a crunchy hippie, but rather hip and fun! All of the styles we have hanging on our eco-friendly wooden shelves can be worn outside the studio to run errands or for a quick lunch date. Buying pieces with dual purpose will stretch your dollar, and who doesn't love that these days? Take a look at some of my favorite tanks featured at Buddhi Mat Yoga (get your buddhi to the mat!):


The bitch is back.

This shirt speaks to me. It's almost as good as, "Broke is the new black."


Mickey Mouse Club.

Am I sensing a new trend here? Looks like Mickey's back folks! Surfing my favorite clothing websites, I have come across so many vintage inspired Mickey Mouse tees, and I never thought I'd admit it, but I think they're kind of cute. Paired with some skinny jeans, a fedora and your favorite rocker chic books and I think you've got a fun look. Take a look at these faux vintage Mickey tees:
My personal favorite is the pink cutoff Minnie Mouse tee...what do you think? Will you be joining the Mickey Mouse Tee Club anytime soon? 

Top shirt: Urban Outfitters, Bottom three: Forever 21


"Hey, I put my new shoes on and suddenly everything's right."

What's a better way to ring in 2010 than with a new pair of shoes? Am I right? My boyfriend and I exchanged some late xmas gifts and I couldn't be more thrilled with his pick...floral oxfords from Urban Outfitters. I can't rock them quite yet; the mushy snow would not go over well, but on the first day of spring, they're all mine! How cute are these going to be with jean short cutoffs?