Oh NY Mag...stop taunting me with your spring dresses!

The Cut just did a spread on the 115 best spring dresses, and not only can I not afford any of them, but it's a brisk 30 degrees here in New Hampshire today (I wish I was kidding). I guess I'll just have to daydream about these spring looks while I'm hibernating all weekend doing homework. Here are my top three faves:

Back to the books.

Images via The Cut.

Countdown till my 21st birthday = 39 days.

Yes, I'm counting down, and no, I don't want shots or bottles of tequila. What do I want for the big 21? A retro bike to cruise around the lake this summer! Can you blame me? Look at how fun these bicycles are:

This Schwinn is my personal favorite- love the color!

Wish this Liberty of London bike wasn't sold out or it would be mine!
The search for the perfect bike continues...

Image via Target


Who doesn't love a giveaway?

Check out my sister's clever little blog for a chance to win Thomas Paul accessories- they're adorable!!


Trendy Totes.

I'm really into these tote bags- how cute are they? I almost considered buying a plain tote at the craft store and just making my own with a Sharpie but they're actually really affordable.

This tote is only $9.80 from Forever 21:

And this is only $28 from Anthropologie:

How do you feel about these trendy totes?


Converse + Missoni =

I'm intrigued. Spotted these bad boys in a magazine this weekend and they're apparently supposed to be out for Spring/Summer 2010, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

My eyes are peeled for this funky design collab!

Photo via Refinery 29


Liberty of London Letdown.

The highly desired Liberty of London for Target premiered today in stores and my sister and I were beyond eager to check it out. The collection has been in literally every magazine I've read the past two months; but the selection was picked over and there was barely anything left. It was by far a Liberty of London letdown! Not much luck on the website either, everything is out of stock, sigh. Since I'm home for spring break for the week, I will definitely be checking back for the goods:)

Photo via Target


A refreshing 52 degrees.

And boy, does it feel nice. Dreaming about these looks on this lovely Saturday afternoon:

Enjoy your weekend:)

Images via Polyvore


It's just one of those days....

Actually, more like week. I'm conquering this dreary Wednesday with a Kelly Cutrone inspired look, all black of course. I promise I'll stop talking about Kelly Cutrone soon. Until then, check out the hump day duds:

I never wear all black but I'm kind of digging it today...what's your mid week look?