Hair Crush.

It's the week before finals and what am I doing to de-stress? Reading up on my favorite blogs and style sites. Okay, and maybe catching up on Real Housewives of NYC too. Homegirl needs a study break! I came across this picture on Style.com of Amanda Seyfried this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival.

I love this hairstyle; a different approach to the up do. Watch out Seyfried, I might be crampin' on your style soon. Do you like this look?


The countdown continues: 22 days...

Till I'm 21! And while I should be doing homework, I'm dreaming of what I will wear for my birthday extravaganza instead. Thanks Polyvore, for fueling my procrastination:

And the countdown carries on...


Yes, I'm almost 21 and I still get an Easter basket.

And I'm not afraid to admit it. Let me just say, the Easter bunny hooked me up this year with my guiltiest pleasure... beauty products, next to the candy of course. Take a look:

This product is a-mazing! Tan Towels are a safer way of getting your pre-summer glow and are much more inexpensive than going to a tanning salon. They come in full body or half body packages- my roomates and I are obsessed!

The Easter bunny also snagged me a ton of Mario Badescu skin care product testers and I can't wait to try them all out!

And finally, something I've been wanting to try since the came out- Cover Girl's Smoky Shadow Blasts. I got mine in silver sky, which is the one photographed on the right. I was nervous to try this product but it's actually really easy; a little too glittery for an everyday look but perfect for going out.