To cut or not to cut...

That is the question I just cannot seem to answer.I got the modern cut I asked for, as shown in my post a few weeks ago, but I just can't get Ginnifer Goodwin's hair out of my head! Her super short pixie is adorable and effortless. A little product and you're good to go for the day. Come on, how cute is that cut?



Decisions Decisions.

Tonight's a big night. Jersey Shore season premiere. Project Runway season premiere. Bethanny Getting Married. Who planned this??? Okay, here's my logic--Jersery Shore will play on Mtv everyday over and over again for the next three months until you want to rip your hair out. I already know what happens on Bethanny Getting Married; she has a baby and lives happily ever after. Does that mean Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum just rose to the top of my list? I think so. And it better deliver! They made the show an hour and a half long this season so I'm hoping that means more camera time for that gem Tim Gunn...make it work!


D.I.Y. Blogger Challenge!

New York Design Shop has created the ultimate D.I.Y. challenge for ten lucky bloggers across the U.S.- and guess whose in on the fun? My sistaaa! The bloggers all received the same box full to the brim with bohemian styled trimmings and appliques and went wild! All of the projects are up on the site so go vote (preferably)for my talented sister who made four easy and adorable projects! Here's a peek:

The blogger with the most votes will receive D.I.Y. materials from NYDS and best of all--a spread in Style Sample magazine! Voters will also be entered to win one of the creations so go vote here!


Goodbye outdated flared jeans, hello summer shorts!

I have so many pairs of flared jeans that still fit, but never get worn because I'm a strictly skinny jeans girl now. I decided to take this old paid of Seven jeans and make them into shorts using just a pair of scissors. I also cuffed them to make the length just right. For a more feminine look, you could also utilize the jeans as a denim skirt by sewing the middle seam together and adding your own embellishments (do I hear a new DIY project calling my name?).
Take a look at the final product:

Now go grab those pair of jeans in the back of your closet that you never wear, cut em' up and rock these new summer shorts you just made for free!