Back to School Cool.

Tomorrow is my last first day of school. And despite usually having my outfit picked out at least three weeks in advance (don't lie you did it too), this year's a little different. I just moved into my first place and between the moving and the unpacking I haven't had time to think about it (aka obsess over it). So it's into the closet I go! I want to look cute but not like I'm trying too hard. Here's the look I'm trying to achieve:

Image via Fab Sugar

I love this casual look; the blazer makes it a little more polished but it's still relaxed. Wish me luck! What's your back to school look?

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Dear Fashion Gods,

Will a cute little trendy stork deliver this outfit to me for my first day back to school? K, Thanks!
No but seriously, am I the only one whose so excited for blazers and knee boots? Yipeee!

Image via Polyvore


What a day.

Today turned out to be quite an excellent Thursday. I've been scouring the shelves all week for the September issue of Vogue and had no luck until this morning; I hopped off the train, ran to the first newsstand I could find and there it was, in all its two and a half pound glory. I was perhaps a little too giddy about it, until of course I realized I already had two other September magazines (Marie Claire and Lucky) in my purse and that my bag just gained about ten pounds and I would have to lug them around all day. But believe me, it was worth it.
Image via Vogue

Oh, and did I mention it's their biggest issue to date? 726 pages.

It also happened to be my last day interning at New York Design Shop and my boss surprised me with the best field trip ever....the Barney's Warehouse sale!! It was as I expected it to be, overwhelming, kind of stressful and still a little too expensive for this gal's budget. But it was a fun experience non the less.

P.S.- Thank you to NYDS for letting me help out this summer! I learned so much about DIY and I can't wait to get craftin' in my new apartment. Don't forget to check out their site for tutorials on the Fall trends coming up, contests and giveaways!


You go gurlfran!

Looks like Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore is hopping on the chic for cheap bandwagon! She recently graced the red carpet for her Nylon Magazine cover in a 25$ thrift store dress. And she looks fab:

Do you like Drew's inexpensive, yet red carpet ready look?

Image via MTV Style


D.I.Y. Home Decor

Flipping through my mom's Country Living magazine last night, I came across an adorable Sweet 'n Low ad. I had to cut it out and use it for my first apartment, which I will be moving into very soon! I cut the owl out, covered up the Sweet 'n Low logo with a denim heart, added a little touch of sparkle with yellow rhinestones, put it in a black frame and voila!

(Apologies for the crappy photo- camera's broken)

I plan on hanging it up with a few square mirrors in my new living room. And the best part? It was free!


Excuse me while I drool with envy.

Words cannot describe how badly I want these J.Crew shoes for fall. Tuck a pair of skinny jeans into them with a boyfriend blazer? Ugh! Too bad they're $198. If anyone spots a similar, much less expensive pair let me know. And yes, it's only the first week of August and I'm craving Fall!

Image via J. Crew